Many Ways to Use Castile Soap

For those of you who have read my older posts, you know that I love castile soap. I love the simple, natural ingredients used to make castile soap. I love the versatility of its uses. I feel like I can use it (effectively) for almost everything!

many ways to use castile soap, liquid and bar

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Castile soap is not very expensive to buy, and I also find it really fun to make my own castile soap. Since it is diluted for most uses, one bottle or batch seems to last forever.

I realized that I didn’t yet have a list of all the places where, and how I use, castile soap. That is changing today. Here is my list of castile soap uses, as well as dilutions and recipes using castile soap. The dilutions listed here are my personal preference, however all of my experimentation started by referencing this dilution “cheat sheet” from the Dr. Bronner’s website.

Liquid castile soap

  1. Hand soap (I love foaming!) – I pre-dilute about 1:9 soap to water (10% soap) in my soap dispenser and use a squirt every time I wash my hands.
  2. Face wash – I pre-dilute 1:9 soap to water (10% soap), and dilute a little more in my hands before applying to my face.
  3. Dish Soap – I pre-dilute 1:9 soap to water (10% soap) in my foaming soap dispenser, and use 1 squirt or more as needed to wash my dishes.
  4. Dishwasher soap – I pour about 2 teaspoons undiluted castile soap into my dishwasher’s detergent container. I use white vinegar in the “rinse” reservoir.
  5. Laundry soap – I really like this recipe for laundry “pods” or powder. If leaving it as a powder rather than forming pods, this is super quick to mix up!
  6. Shaving “cream” for use with a traditional razor. It works with castile soap diluted in a 1:9 soap to water dilution (or more concentrated).
  7. Natural deck wash – I used this recipe to keep my composite deck looking clean and new.
  8. Homemade bubbles – great all natural version for play with kids (or pets!) that is gentile on skin (what kid doesn’t spill it or dog catch bubbles in their mouth?) and gentle on the environment.
photos of castile soap as hand soap, face wash, dish soap, purse undiluted castile soap, in laundry soap pods, as a shaving cream, in a deck wash, and in bubbles

Bar castile soap

Bar soap is “easier” to use than liquid in that there are no dilutions or additions to recipes. Just wet the bar and lather!

  1. Shower bar/body bar in the shower
  2. Hand soap at sinks
  3. Shaving cream for use with a double edge safety razor (I bought mine on ebay, vintage from the 1970’s. This one on Amazon has great reviews)
bar castile soap as hand soap on a sink and as a double edge safety razor shaving cream

Are there other ways that you use castile soap? Please share in the comments!