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My adventure into this lifestyle of no chemicals, good for the environment, and good for the body began when I needed to find products that did not cause skin irritation.  As I tell everyone “I am allergic to everything (non-food)”.  Just ask my allergy doctor.  I tested positive for 47 of the 48 allergens they tested.  Yay for not being allergic to mold!  I researched a lot of body products, and everything was laden with unpronounceable chemicals.  Why would I want to put such things on my body?  After significantly reducing if not eliminating the chemicals going on my skin, I realized that what went in my body – food – was just as important.  Duh.  I can be a little slow sometimes, can’t you cut a girl a break?  Thus began the research into what I should be eating.  As I read more into healthier eating and natural body products, I happened upon a lot of information about natural cleaning products.  An avid DIY-er, mixing up household recipes was right up my alley.  Investigating these three facets – body products, food, and household products – I also found a lot of tie-backs to the environment, and the impacts that mainstream versus natural versions have on the environment.  That gave me the fourth focus area in my aim towards living a better life.  And as for frugality – that’s in my blood, and always on my mind as I adventure into living my life more naturally.  

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