Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!  It is a beautify day here in Rhode Island, one of those days that makes me truly love this beautiful world.  For me, to some degree, every day is Earth Day.  Every day I depend on this Earth to support me, from the ground I walk on to the food that nourishes my body.  Every day I make decisions that impact the Earth.  But today is a day to really reflect on this, a day where I think a little more and try to come up with new ways to do things or products to use that help to protect the environment and are more Earth-friendly. 

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Happy Earth Day from My Greener Living

Some questions that I ask myself every day are:

What kind of food should I buy?

– I try to buy organic whenever I can, because pesticides are not good for my body or the environment.  I avoid processed food much of the time because processed food has unnecessary, unhealthy additives, and the processing uses valuable resources like water and energy to power manufacturing plants.

organic produce
organic produce
How do I use water?

– I use a rain barrel to collect rain water from my roof to water my indoor and outdoor plants.  I turn off the sink when I am brushing my teeth, I only run the dishwasher and washing machine when they are full.  I bought energy efficient appliances.  I love that my dishwasher uses only about 5 gallons of water per load! This dishwasher link is NOT an affiliate link.  I just really love my dishwasher!

rain barrel

How do I use energy?

– I turn off lights and electronics when I am not using them.  I turn down the heat just a little in the winter to use less gas to heat my home.  I installed heat blocking curtains in my windows to keep the warm air in my home in the winter.  

energy efficient curtains

What products do I purchase and how do I use them?

– I HATE single use products.  Plastic plates, utensils, cups.  Paper towels and paper napkins.  Bottled water and coffee cups from quick serve restaurants.  I use ceramic plates, stainless steel utensils, glass or metal drinkware.  I have a set of bamboo utensils that I take when travelling.  I use rags instead of paper towels, and cloth instead of paper napkins.  I have several stainless steel water bottles that I love – this one is my current favorite for everyday use (25 oz), and this 50 oz bottle is great for when I’ll be away from home longer.  They’re great because my water only ever touches stainless steel or the sealing gasket, they keep my water cool, and the double-wall prevents condensation on the outside.  They can also be used for coffee and tea.  I brew my own coffee and tea at home.    

paperless towel
paperless towels
More ways I consider the Earth every day

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What things do you do that help the Earth?  Please share in the comments below!  I am always looking for ideas to help this planet even more šŸ™‚