Great Money Making and Money Saving Apps and Websites

I have found many websites and apps that help save money when making purchases, or otherwise help make money by doing simple tasks.  While none of these will make you rich fast or replace income from a regular job, it can be a nice supplement.  Since I am always looking for ways to save, I love these little ways to save/make money.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive compensation if you register with a website/app using these links.  There is no cost to you. See my Disclosure Policy for more information. 

Great money make and money saving apps and websites

  1. Swagbucks

    Swagbucks is my favorite way to make money online.  Through this money making app and website, you complete activities to earn points, which can be redeemed for gift cards.  There are many ways to earn points through the app and the website, including taking surveys, watching videos, clicking links from the Swagbucks website to retailer websites before making a purchase, and more. I use the app on my phone and have it play videos when I’m not using my phone.  When on my computer I play videos in the background or click through other activities.  Every day there is a “Daily Goal” of points to earn, and you get a bonus if you complete that goal.  You get more bonus points if you meet your goal for 7, 14, 21 consecutive days, or all days in a month. Using this app I make about $50-$75/ month in gift cards.  Examples of gift cards available are Amazon; various restaurants; airlines; cruise lines; gas stations; retail stores  including clothing, drug, pet, and electronics stores; and more. 

  2. Ebates 

    Ebates allows you to earn cash back shopping at online retailers when you navigate to the retailer website through the Ebates website or app.  Earnings are paid every 3 months, as long as you have earned over $5 during the previous quarter.  My first year using this site I earned over $70.  More recently I have earned slightly less, as I shop around to determine which website provides the most cash back from my purchase (see items 1 and 6 in this list).  Overall it is still a great money saving app/website.

  3. Receipt Hog

    This is a money saving app for your smartphone.  With this app, you just take pictures of all your store receipts. Everything, except gas and restaurant receipts, is worth points; receipts not eligible for points are eligible for “spins” which may results in points. When you earn enough points you can cash it in for Amazon gift cards, money to your Pay Pal account, or magazine subscriptions. 

  4. Ibotta

    Ibotta is a money saving app has rebates for specific retailers.  There are many grocery  and drug stores as well as other retailers such as clothing and electronics. After making a purchase, you scan the barcode of the eligible product then take a picture of your receipt.  This app mostly has rebates for brand name products, but most weeks there are one or more “any brand” produce, dairy, and/or meat items, which is where I make most of my money with this app.  

  5. Checkout 51

    This is another money saving app like ibotta, but rebates can either be for a specific store or any store. I like this one because every week there is at least 1 “pick your own” offer for $0.25 off one of 4 or 5 produce items. The other items are name brand so I use those less frequently.  

  6. Bank and Credit Card Reward Websites

    Bank and credit card reward websites.  Many credit card companies have websites that will give you cash back on purchased when you navigate to online retailer websites and make a purchase (like how you earn cash back with Ebates, and one way to earn points with Swagbucks.  Navy Federal Credit Union has a Member Mall for credit card customers.  Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards has a shopping page for credit card customers.  

  7. is my favorite website for finding coupon codes and printable coupons for online and brick-and-mortar stores.  Almost everywhere I shop has a page on retailmenot, and I have never found a coupon that was NOT on the retailmenot page.  This is my one stop shop for online coupons!

 Do you have other apps or websites that you like to use to save or earn money?